A Quiet Portable Air Conditioner: Keeping You Cool, Wherever You Are

It can be a hassle installing your air conditioners at the beginning of the summer. On top of that, some air conditioners are so noisy that they make normal conversation or sleeping near impossible. A quiet portable air conditioner will remedy these complaints.

It can be difficult to find a quiet portable air conditioner at first, however, because they tend to be as a whole louder than traditional models. With a little digging and research, though, you should not have too much trouble.

Portable air conditioners are simple to use, compact for storage, and do not require a ton of installation time. Having a quiet portable air conditioner will cool down your room without being an obtrusive machine in the room.

Another benefit of a portable air conditioner is that you can move it from room to room in the house. With a window unit, you are constrained to whichever window you chose or whichever window it fit in. Portable air conditioners do not have that issue.

If you are looking for a way to cool down your house without the hassle of installation or noise, a quiet portable air conditioner is the way to go. It will cool your home without being overly noticeable.

Things to look for in a good quiet portable air conditioner

The first thing to consider when choosing a portable air conditioner is the size of your space. The units range from 8,000 BTUs, which will cool about 200 square feet, all the way up to 14,000 BTUs, which will cool about 500 square feet.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing the capacity of your portable air conditioner is the size and weight. With more cooling capacity, the machine will weigh more and take up a bit more floor space.

Like all air conditioners, portable ones can be on the noisy side of things. Purchasing a quiet portable air conditioner allows you to forget that it is there, so to speak. It is especially beneficial if you plan on using the unit in a bedroom.

There are some additional, optional features to look out for as well. One such feature is the built-in dehumidifier. This allows you to take the moisture out of the room without turning on the cooling mechanism at all.

Another optional feature is the programmable timer. If you want to come home to a cool house without leaving the machine running all day, a timer can be hugely helpful. You can simply program it to turn on an hour or so before you arrive, for instance.

Things to avoid in a quiet portable air conditioner

While you can find quiet portable air conditioners on the market, most are on the loud side. Make sure you research your model fully before purchasing to ensure that you are getting the quietest option. If they run at between 60-65 decibels, it will be below normal conversation.

Another thing to watch out for is the lighting on the control panel. Even if your unit is quiet, you will not get much sleep if the control panel is blindingly bright. Some units have dimmers built-in, which makes things much easier.

Though these units are all portable in nature, there is a large range of sizes and weights. After assessing your size requirements, make sure you can comfortably move the unit around. Otherwise, the portability will be wasted on you.

Your electrical outlets can also be a factor in which unit you choose. Some of the larger models require higher power than a normal electrical outlet can offer. Make sure you know what your outlets are rated for before purchasing.

Even though portable air conditioners do not need to be installed in a window, they do still need to be near one. Because they vent the hot air back out, you will need to install the unit near a window. Otherwise, you will vent hot air back into your cooling room.

Good brands to look for

There are a number of good brands for quiet portable air conditioners out there, so your personal preference plays a big role in your choice. Knowing your price range, size requirements, and wanted features will help make the decision smooth.

Honeywell makes a whole variety of sizes and price levels for portable air conditioners. While their air conditioners will cool your space, however, they tend to be louder than other options. This does defeat some of the point of a quiet portable air conditioner, obviously.

Whynter also makes some decent portable air conditioner units. While they are a bit quieter than the Honeywell units as a whole, they are still on the louder side. If you are looking for a quiet portable air conditioner, other brands may serve you better.

Another good brand is Black and Decker. They also offer a wide range of sizes and price ranges, but their portable air conditioners tend to be quieter than the other two brands. Their units produce roughly the same noise as a standard fan, making for good white noise while sleeping.


Although quiet portable air conditioners can be more difficult to find, there are some great ones on the market. Knowing your specifications in advance can really help you narrow the market a bit.

If you are looking for a larger capacity, the units will be a bit louder. Going with a quiet brand like Black and Decker, however, can mitigate this problem to a certain extent. For smaller capacity units, there are a few more choices for a quiet portable air conditioner.

Regardless of what unit you choose, there are also a number of additional features to look out for. While these will not necessarily affect the noise level, they will make it easier to use.

Finding a quiet portable air conditioner can be daunting. Knowing what to look for, however, can ease some of that pain. At the end of the day, choose the unit that best suits your needs.

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