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How to Find the Best Window Air Conditioner

In the US, we spend about $350 million per year cooling our homes collectively. For reference, that’s the equivalent of 6 billion pounds of greenhouse gas. And it would take almost 600 thousand cars to equal that environmental impact in a year. What’s your little piece of this cost? Whether you’re more concerned about saving money or saving the environment or […]

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Portable A/C vs. Window A/C

Without central air conditioning, summer heat can seem murderous, but to install a central air system is costly. Outside of central air conditioning, however, you will be faced with the question of portable A/C vs. window A/C. Each option has its strengths and weaknesses to consider. Additionally, portable A/C may be better for some and […]

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How Does a Portable Air Conditioner Work?

Portable air conditioners can cool a space up to 500 square feet without the added difficulty of installation. But, how does a portable air conditioner work? The simplest answer is that it works basically like any other air conditioner style. A traditional window air conditioner works by sucking air over an evaporator and expelling the […]

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Central Air Conditioners Prices

A central air conditioner is either a split-system or comes as an AC unit. A split-system central air conditioner contains a condenser and a compressor, located within an outdoor metal cabinet, while the evaporator is in an indoor panel. How do central air conditioners circulate air? Cool air is circulated through a system of supply and return ducts. […]

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