The Best Windows-Mounted Air Conditioners

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A humid room can drain the energy out of you on a sunny afternoon. The efforts for battling an uncomfortable summertime are quite extensive, from taking a dip into the pool to installing a central conditioner for your house. Window mounted air conditioners are a representation of a considerably lower level of commitment as well as a relatively affordable option that make it ideal for certain situations that surface around you and your family making it a little unfavorable. Renters also find it a decent option as the installation process requires a little or no alteration to your home. Homeowners will find energy-efficient window air conditioners sensible and reliable too especially when they wish to get rid of an outdated and energy-guzzling central air conditioner.
How to Choose a Window Mounted Air Conditioner
Primarily, the key factors of consideration when selecting a window mounted air conditioning unit are the energy efficiency and the cooling ability. Most importantly, the air conditioner should regulate the temperature of the room while keeping you comfortable. This defines the ability of the unit to move air all through the room and operating effectively in different modes. It does not serve its purpose if it is unable to perform this function. The energy efficiency of an air conditioning unit is also a significant criterion as it determines the annual cost of operation. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your electric bills at the end of every month then this should be top on your priority list.
The not-so-relevant aspects to look out for are the ease of use and overall design. There are convenient features on several window mounted air conditioners in terms of the mode of operation, like a programmable timer and the remote control that will make it easier for you to move it across a room then set it to turn on and off at specific times. With regards to the design, in as much as window mounted AC units are not pilotable, they need not be too heavy to lift to the windowsill. This means that the unit you choose must be lightweight and relatively easy to install. You may also want to consider how much noise the AC unit produces; the quieter options are the most reliable. A loud unit may not be so favorable in your bedroom as it will wake you up at night. Therefore, find a conditioner with either lower or average noise level, at most 54 decibels.

The Best Windows-Mounted Air Conditioner Reviews

1. Noria Air Conditioner

Since its inception, this lowly window mounted air conditioner has not had any much of a change especially in the design. It is the perfect definition of a sight for sore eyes which you would definitely fall for. Besides its unique and attractive design, this air conditioner has some amazing features that bring out the best in performance and efficacy effortlessly. The Noria Air Conditioner has combined a number of specs coupled with the effectiveness of a smart control system that connects with your smartphone allowing you make alterations and without necessarily making contact with the AC. This gives you your peace and quiet and when not in use, you have the option of just keeping it low or shutting it down.
You don’t require as much effort to get it to work. This window mounted air conditioner gives you access to a nice cold air experience on a hot summer day. Not only do you get your chilled air, you still get to keep your window too. It is one of the easiest air conditioners to install possibly due to the small size and its weight. The compactness and low profile are also key elements that make it easy to set up. It stands at less than 6 inches off the base surface, thus you don’t have to worry about how much space you will be left with after installing it.
It makes a great option for most renters as they ought to keep their homes as far unaltered as they possibly can. Homeowners will find this also reliable for moving from one room to another with much ease. Despite the limit on the size, the ventilation system and the sealed fans this air con is extremely efficient and highly engineered to produce the least possible noise. We all want some quiet time and with this air conditioner, you are assured that you will have your peace at all times.
Its intuitive interface is insanely easy to use all thanks to the smooth dial that has a clearly marked temperature control system. These will allow you adjust the temperatures to suit your preferences. You have nothing to worry about during cold nights or the very hot summers. You don’t have to stay at the cold spa or dip yourself in the pool all day. You get to enjoy these pleasures at the comfort of your couch or your bed.

It is a cheaper alternative in a number of ways, not just in terms of efficiency but in maintenance as well. There is no greater joy than knowing that you can access the pleasures you pay for at a cheaper, efficient and more convenient way and in a better environment. You can also incorporate this into your exercise schedule. Cold yoga and hot yoga need different temperature levels, all of which will be provided by this amazing culmination of efficiency and potency.
This special smart air con is one of its kind. Unlike conventional units that use remote control to adjust the modes, you can connect this to your smartphone and make any alterations you need. Regardless of how far you are from the unit, you can easily adjust it. It does not interfere with your schedule and can be automated by setting a timer that determines how it functions while saving you a few bucks on the electricity bills. Using the Noria Air Conditioner is just like opening the window and letting the breeze flow in. The sleek modern design is minimal too. It is the total package, everything you need in a smart air conditioner.

2. Friedrich Chill CP08G1OB Air Conditioner

If you need to purchase an air conditioner for your bedroom and don’t really mind paying a few extra bucks, then you need to treat yourself to this conventional window mounted air conditioner. It is one of the quietest air conditioners available in the market offering tons of control and is considerably easier to launch. It will help you fall asleep fast and keep you resting all night. You are guaranteed of a peaceful night sleep uninterrupted by undesirable screeching noises. It is best for personal use and will serve any small room comfortably which is why it is mostly recommended for bedrooms. It can supply the room with just the right amount of air to keep it at the temperature optimum for your desired preference. Installation is eased by a well-constructed sturdy steel sleeve. Overall, it is a compact unit that can be installed to your wall.
It is lightweight too and can be lifted off the ground without much effort. The weight on this air conditioner is only 60 pounds, which is comfortable for most people to carry. The 6000 BTU unit is bearable and so is the noise level. As the Sun beats down, making the mercury rise on those sweltering summer days, you can stay cool and relaxed in your home. The Chill Window Air Conditioner pumps out refreshing air at 6000 BTU which keeps a space up to 225 sq. ft cool to your delight. Energy Star rated, it runs efficiently to do the environment a favor and will only cost you an estimated of $48 per year to use. You won’t even need to get up thanks to this Friedrich air conditioner being conveniently controlled from a distance with its included remote. The window unit for this air conditioner also installs with much ease.
Safety and performance considerations are well taken care of. You have nothing to worry about as it comes with a trusted unique anti-intrusion protection that guarantees your entire family’s safety by locking in place. This will keep intruders at bay while protecting you and yours too. As soon as it is installed, this window-mounted air conditioner can be scheduled and programmed to suit your desired comfort requirements. It features lots of refreshing attributes including 3 exclusive fan speeds, a 24-hour timer, 3 cooling speeds and a four-way air flow control system.
With this window unit, those dog days of summer won’t get the best of you as it will keep things crisp and cool at home. It is powerful and reliable giving off 6000 BTU of power enough to keep your bedroom cool and quiet too. Energy efficiency is vouched by the Energy Star rating that makes it a perfect eco-friendly option. Environmental friendliness is also provided by an antimicrobial air filter that will ensure the breeze supplied to the room is clean and uncontaminated. Even distribution of air is provided by oscillating louvres and expandable side curtains that also ensure snug fit.
With customizable settings, it can be programmed to fit your home’s profile and unique needs. The auto-restart setting will keep your customized settings in case of power outage. It can be operated conveniently either from the unit or by the use of a remote control. This air conditioning unit filters off up to 1.8 liters of moisture in one hour keeping the room refreshed and comfortable throughout the day. The biggest bonus with this unit is the low initial and running cost that goes at a standard value of $48 all year long. The 5-year warranty limit ensures that the unit serves you effectively for long enough.

3. Keystone Energy Star Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

If you have a small house or live in an apartment, this may be your best pick. It can cool rooms up to 250 square feet. The Keystone Energy Star rated window-mounted air conditioner has an energy efficiency rating of 11.2. It works fine in an outlet of 115 Volts. Moreover, it offers the dehumidification of about 1.3 pints. This ensures that as much moisture as possible is drained off from the air in your room that could possibly be the cause for stuffiness. It features an adjustable airflow system, an installation kit and an LED display remote with which you can control your environment as per the requirements you feel most comfortable with.
The unit has several control options that will ensure you stay in a comfortable room regardless of the time of the year. These include a sleep mode, filter alert, automatic restart, timer, installation kit and a temperature-sensing LCD remote that will allow you to see, set and maintain the temperature from one room to another. The Energy Star rated unit will provide you with the best performance while cutting down on the cost of operation convenient to provide you with cool comfort.
The electronic controls that come with the LED display will allow you to select from several options and mode settings which environment you find most conducive with just the touch of a button. The auto-restart setting will save all your custom settings for the time power is restored in the unit. This will in turn save you lots of time in trying to readjust the settings to suit your preferences and even in the case of a power blackout, there is absolutely no reason to panic. To adjust the unit, you will not necessarily need to get up as this is eased by the availability of a remote-control system that can set the air conditioner to your very needs.
There is provision for an adjustable air flow direction that will allow you control the direction in which the cool air flows. This ensures that cool air is evenly distributed throughout the room and that all users get to benefit from the breeze on a hot summer. Cooling flexibility is enhanced by 3 fan speeds and 3 cooling speeds that guarantee you the ideal amount of airflow depending on the impending situation. This means that on extremely hot days, you could decide to set the maximum fan speed and set it at a lower frequency to cut down on the consumption of power. This setting is also an energy-saving tactic.
A programmable 24-hour timer can adjust the air conditioner to turn on or off at specific hours depending on how your schedule is. This way, it can also turn on and off with regards to how frequently you use it and when you use it. In turn, you are able to cut down on electricity costs as there is no waste of energy when the AC unit is not in use. This could also be helpful in longevity of the unit as the runtime is significantly cut down. Obviously, when leaving for a holiday with your family, you wouldn’t want to leave it powered on but in case you forget to, not so much will go to waste as the timer will ensure it doesn’t go beyond the limit set.
Other than being rated by Energy Star, this air conditioning unit has an energy-saver mode that cuts down on the amount of power it runs on. This can be activated when you are not at home very often or if the weather is a little bit more bearable. The sleep mode can be activated at night to gradually raise or lower the room temperature hence keeping you refreshed all night long. The unit also has a slide-out mesh filter that will take up any allergens or dirt particles in the air keeping the room refreshed. On the unit, there is a check-filter alert that will remind you on when to clean it up, which is quite an easy process itself.

4. LG LW8016ER Window Air Conditioner

Having undergone a series of testing this unit has passed as one of the best window-mounted air conditioner not only in terms of performance but also in efficiency. It one of the best quietish window mounted air conditioning units that will fit the bill in most rooms. It cools both as effectively and conveniently as all the latest air conditioners with an equal BTU rating. It however runs at a deeper pitch and lower volume than others at the same price. It features some little extra nodes of control including easily controlled fan blades, a removable drain plug and a fresh air vent that set it apart from the rest too. It is an ideal choice not just for your bedroom but the office or den as well considering the low levels of noise produced.
The setup for this AC unit is a cinch with an installation kit included in the package. It is designed for anyone’s lifestyle and available in a wide range of styles which means you can create a space that is stylish, cool and comfortable. It is packed with a lot of exciting features that will give you the convenience of both cost and performance. It is specially crafted for casement windows which is an innovative range that allows you to cool your home efficiently while upholding its original feel and look. The wall units will offer a permanent solution for all your cooling requirements. Style, power and efficiency are all packed in this unit that can cool your space with performance features such as multiple cooling fan speeds and a universal fit sleeve that gives off a custom look that could serve you for long.
It is a powerful unit that comes with 8000 BTU running on 115 Volts potent enough to perfectly cool a room up to 340 square feet. This makes it ideal for considerably larger bedrooms and offices keeping them cool and refreshed regardless of the time of the day or season of the year. With this air conditioning unit, you are able to cool more space and save even more in money as it is fitted with an energy-saving function. The 24-hour on-off timer coupled with 12.1 energy efficiency ratio are bonus features that will also save more on electricity bills. Considering its cooling power, this is a great air conditioning unit that will serve all your family effectively.
Thanks to a unique yet simple digital thermistor control, it is easier to adjust temperature and other settings. The simplicity is complimented by a remote control with which you can conveniently make your adjustments from a distance. The smart system of the unit also features an energy-saving function, filter alarm and a 24-hour timer that makes it a smart addition to your home. The auto-restart setting will ensure your customized settings are kept in check even in when there is an interruption in electricity supply. It is capable of draining 2.2 pints of moisture every hour thus keeping the room refreshed all through the day. This is also facilitated by 3 cooling systems matched with fan-only fan speeds and a four-way deflection system.
Installation is an easy process as the unit is lightweight, collectively weighing only 58 pounds which most people will find comfortable to move from one point to another. This is further enhanced by a top down chassis for window installation included in the provided kit. As a safety precaution, the unit is fitted with an outdoor exhaust that will filter off any contamination or air particles that could possibly harm you or your loved ones. Withal, it is still an environment-friendly option that could spruce up your home both in appearance and for the quiet operation.

5. Haier ESAQ406P Air Conditioner

Compared to its peers in the market, this window-mounted air conditioner is 9 decibels quieter on average which makes it softer on your ears. This makes it the best choice for your bedroom, keeping you asleep all night. The unit has been engineered to achieve the lowest noise levels the industry can offer by reconfiguring the internal mechanisms combined with an innovative design that will distribute airflow, improve the structural design and to strategically place sound insulators. This will provide a dual motor design for even greater air control.
The innovative makeup comes with a range of operating modes that make it easier to achieve the exact environment you desire. With the automatic mode, you can adjust the fan speed and runtime to maintain the temperature settings. The sleep mode allows you to set it to turn off all the way at some point during the night or to gradually increase and decrease the temperature to keep you warm throughout the night. Besides saving on energy, this setting will also ensure you don’t wake up too cold. This will mean you don’t get up to adjust the settings, which can all be accessed via an LCD remote control.
Humidity will be naturally eliminated during the cooling process. However, you can also speed up this process by using the dehumidifying function on the unit. A fan-only mode will be the best choice when you wish to get the air circulating without having to invest in additional energy it requires to cool the air. The timer feature allows for the conditioner to turn itself on a while before you get home so you can find a place that is coy and cool. With this feature, it can also shut down at a specific time thus saving you money in payment of electricity bills.
In terms of efficacy, this air con is Energy Star certified which gives it up to 30 percent more efficiency than most other units in its class. With three fan speeds, you can set it to the lowest possible setting effective for cooling your room. It can move 200 cubic feet of air per minute which is a better record than most of its peers. The impressive 11.2 energy efficiency ratio makes it compatible with most systems and ca use every watt effectively. It comes with an air filter that keeps the air around you free of allergens. Maintenance needn’t be something to worry about. With a filter indicator light, you can tell when you need to clean up and replace the filter. It is practically a much quieter unit producing only 43 decibels of noise unlike most other conventional alternatives that rattle and produce unpleasant sounds other than compressors and fans.
This air conditioner is backed up with a 1-year warranty but we would have loved a longer one especially considering it is offered on a few of its competitors. Either way, the one year period is still a decent warranty. Finding an effective and efficient window-mounted air conditioner can be relatively easy. Haier ESAQ406P takes this notion several steps further with a great deal of exciting features including high moisture removal numbers, cfm and EER just as is with all top-rated conventional air conditioning units, but also cools quietly. The operating modes will fit almost all sets of circumstances up to and including heavy humidity. It is inarguably one of the best window-mounted air conditioners that will keep everyone comfortable on the long warm summer holidays. The price tag on it is worth the take as you are assured that the running cost will be quite low.

A Guide to Selecting the Best Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

Cooling Capabilities

The cooling capabilities happens to be the most significant quality to consider when choosing a window mounted air conditioner. This will be determined by the size of the room you intend to install it in. Every air conditioning unit is usually rated in British thermal units that will indicate the size of the room it can cool. A big powerful unit may not be such a great option for homes. Average potency is what you need for your home; it shouldn’t be underpowered or too powerful. The maximum airflow of an air conditioning unit should also be an element to check out. Different models have different airflow levels but for a better experience, you might want to get one with a higher cubic feet per minute of airflow.

Energy Efficiency

When purchasing any large appliance, the first thing you need to consider is its energy efficiency as it will determine how much you have to spend on your electricity bill. The energy efficiency ratio of a window-mounted air conditioner will help you determine its overall energy efficiency. The average energy efficiency rate is 11:24 which means that a higher ratio than this makes the air conditioner more efficient. Consider the annual cost of every unit as well by calculating the energy requirements if it is on for eight hours a day. The actual cost will depend on how often the air conditioner is in use and the much you pay for electricity bills. You do not want to throw all your monies on an air con unit that you may only be using for a few hours a day. The cost should not outwit the amount you usually pay for running other home appliances as this will demotivate you from investing in it. It is much easier to work with an air conditioner that drains just a little of the electricity, not at the expense of other bills.

Performance and Safety Certifications

Certain performance and safety certifications should be heavily regarded when selecting a window mounted air conditioner. Energy Star certified appliances are generally more efficient while AHAM certified units are ideal as they have passed performance evaluation tests conducted by Home Appliances and Manufacturing industry. This means that the safety and performance certifications pinned to the air conditioner you wish to purchase should also be valid and reliable.

Portability and Ease of Installation

The portability of a window mounted air conditioner is very important. What differentiates them from other air conditioner models is the fact that they are curated not only for easy installation but are lightweight as well. Long-term use will require an air conditioner that is designed to move from one point of the house to another. The average weight of window mounted air conditioners is 60 pounds all of which include some sort of window kit that seal up any open spaces that the unit is unable to cover. Ensure you install the window kits correctly to keep the room insulated.

Operation Modes

Operation modes differ from one window mounted AC to the other. The most preferable air conditioner is one with several mode options you can customize to match your comfort level. Adjustable fan speeds will be a bonus as they will keep the room as comfortable as desired. An air con unit that features a dehumidifying mode will be great for those who live in humid environments as it will pull out the excess moisture in the air. Many window mounted air conditioners incorporate this setting which makes it a cheaper alternative to buying a dehumidifier separately. A model with a sleep mode will gradually raise temperature at night to keep you comfortable while saving energy.

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