The Complete Guide to AirCon Prices

Most of the time when you are shopping for a new place to live, the air conditioning has already been sorted. But when you have to consider aircon prices, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed.

Today, there are two major ways to keep your home cool on those hot summer days. The first is by installing a central AC unit. This option should be considered for cooling an entire home.

When you can get by with slightly less coverage, a portable air conditioning unit can be a great way to save some money.

This is ideal for people who are renting and want to be able to take the unit with them. Also, when you are renting it is impossible for you to install a central system, so portable is your only choice.

Keep reading to find out what other things you need to consider before purchasing an air conditioning unit.

Costs to Install a Central Air Conditioning System

The average homeowner pays between $3,716 and $7,178 to install a central air conditioning unit.

These high aircon prices come from the extensive process involved in installing a permanent AC unit in a home. In many cases, it is necessary to hire a professional contractor to handle the process. Their experience can help save you money in the end by ensuring that everything works efficiently the first time it is installed.

The Most Expensive Aspect of Aircon Prices

When you are shopping for an air conditioner, the factor that controls the price is the amount of British Thermal Units that the unit can remove in an hour from a home.

The larger your home is, the more BTUs it will take for it to be properly cooled. You should calculate your needs carefully so that you don’t have any issues.

Sometimes when the home is too large, the air conditioning unit will cycle itself on and off repetitively. When your system is running in this way, it is wasting large amounts of energy. It also causes a loud noise when the unit shuts on and off and this can be disruptive to your family.

Conversely, if the unit is too small for your home then it will constantly be running and never achieve the desired temperature.

This means that your home will be filled with a ceaseless humming noise and the uncomfortable draft of cold air that blasts out of your tiny vents, broken up only by the warm patches of air that have not yet reached the tiny unit.

Calculating a Unit Load

To determine the right central air conditioning for your home, your air conditioning contractor would need to perform a load calculation. This is a measurement that takes into account everything from the size, shape, and orientation of your house, to the quality of the insulation, windows, walls, and floors in order to get the most accurate number possible.

Once the basic calculation takes place, the contractor will typically look around your home for any places that there might be leaks, seals, or existing ducts.

As a general rule, one ton of cooling can bring down the temperature of a space that measures between 500 and 600 square feet. This comes out to be slightly less than 16,000 BTUs per hour.

However, the calculation will often vary. Things like geographic location can play a large role in the cost of air conditioning your home. The closer you are to the equator, the more the sun will shine directly on your house, bringing the temperature up inside.

Going Portable

If instead, you chose a portable unit, then you will not have to perform such intense calculations. It is possible to add and remove units as necessary to achieve your desired result.

The average aircon prices for a portable unit float just around $300. In addition, you have to consider the cost of the energy that is powering it.

For a portable AC unit that sits in the corner of your home, you can expect to pay anywhere between $400 and $650 in aircon prices. Luckily, you won’t have any installation costs to go with that sticker price.

This type of unit can save you money both at installation and over the time that you use it.

Other Aspects of an AC Unit to Consider

If you are installing a central AC unit, you will need to also consider if the existing duct system will work with your new unit.

Some homes have ducts that are missing or damaged. Many contain leaks that will affect the efficiency of your unit. This can have a major effect on aircon prices.

If you find that your house has any of these issues, then it may be more cost-effective for you to consider a portable unit. Trying to source tiny leaks can be an exercise in futility, and yet if you don’t, your pocketbook will be constantly drained.

The airflow must be right or you will see huge increases in your power bill on a monthly basis. You can hire a contractor to handle this. He or she will measure the volume and then adjust your ducts and vents.

Yet, contractors cost a lot of money and are not always perfect in their methodology. With a portable unit, you know exactly what you are getting, and it does not have to use any of your existing ductwork in order to provide that function, lowering aircon prices.

The Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

The energy efficiency rating should be a major factor in your decision-making process. After all, you only have to buy your unit once, but it will be running at least half of the days of the year.

If you live in states near the equator like Texas and Florida, you may even use your air conditioner well into what are considered to be traditional winter months. This can have a major effect on aircon prices.

There are so many benefits to purchasing a portable air conditioning unit, and energy efficiency tops the list.

Why You Should Care About Energy Efficiency

The environment is discussed every day on political news sources around the globe. This constant murmur for a change too often falls on deaf ears.

However, our environment is only as healthy as we treat it. Saving the planet will be a group effort and we all need to play our part on the team. When considering aircon prices, also consider that the most expensive options might work more robustly, but at the expense of the environment.

Portable systems only work when and where you need them, reducing your emissions and helping you go green.

As previously mentioned, energy-efficient air conditioning systems are also good for your wallet. You will find significant savings on your monthly electric bill if you choose to switch to a portable unit.

How Do They Do It?

One of the reasons that this type of unit is so valuable is that many have auto-shut off features designed to kick in at a pre-programmed temperature, lowering your aircon prices.

Some more advanced units also come with the ability to program temperatures for them to kick back on. Depending on how much you are willing to spend on a unit, you may be able to program cycles into it that would control the temperature of your home at different times of the day.

Having a programmed cycle to control your living environment can be convenient for people who like to sleep at very cold temperatures. You could program it to begin cooling down the house more around the time that you usually go to bed.

If you have a spouse that doesn’t like waking up cold, this flexibility can work in your favor as well. Simply set the machine to begin to reach a warmer temperature the closer it gets to the morning. That way, you can sleep soundly in your Tundra, while your spouse wakes ready to greet the day with a smile.

How Do Other Types of Air Conditioning Stack Up to Portable?

In order to truly understand how remarkable the energy efficiency benefits of portable air conditioners are, you must also consider the inefficiencies of other types of units.

One oft-chosen option for keeping your home cool, the window-mounted unit, is designed to cool down a specific room or small space.

They are able to perform this task in a fairly efficient way and many of them also feature the auto-shut off feature that the portable AC unit has. If you do end up searching for a window-mounted unit, you will want to consider the fact that many of the major providers have specifically designated energy efficient products that carry better ratings than other options.

As for the central AC unit, these can have a bit higher aircon prices for you to run than a window or portable unit, but there are still ways to make this option a more energy-efficient one.

The first is to set your unit’s fan to its auto setting. This ensures that your fan and the cooling compressor are turned off at the same time. That means that when your house is finally hitting the perfect temperature, the whole system will shut down at one time, saving energy.

Portable, the Most Efficient of All

Since the portable unit is meant to cool only a small space, they do not waste energy on cooling spaces that you aren’t currently using.

Also, since these units are small and portable, they can easily be moved around your house so that you don’t have to purchase multiple units.

As your portable unit will be shielded from weather effects like the heat of the sun, it will also function more efficiently. Having the sun beating down on a window unit can force it to work extra hard.

Finally, portable air conditioning units are thought to cool down a space much more quickly than the alternatives. That means that your unit can switch off sooner, using less energy and lowering your aircon prices at the same time.

It is important to note that window units do have one advantage over their portable counterparts. When you are calculating the amount of BTU that you will need in order to cool your home, window units will require less to cool the same space.

For example, if you have a space that is four hundred square feet, a 12,000 BTU unit could easily cool it. A window-mounted option with the same BTU rating could cool down a larger amount of square footage, up to 550 square feet.

Where to Spend Your Money

Although most units are fairly standard, there are certain places where your dollar will go the furthest on aircon prices. The first is the size capacity. The last thing you want is to be disappointed that your space is not as cool as you wanted it to be.

The other major place to spend money is on having user-friendly controls. This may seem like an obvious thing, but at night when you are trying to sleep and you catch a draft, you will happy that you can simply reach over and hit a button. Many units even come with remote controls so you don’t have to get out of bed at all.

Portable Aircon Affordability

As previously mentioned, portable AC units generally cost less off the shelf than their central unit counterparts. Then once the central unit is brought home, it still must be installed by someone hired to do the job.

Window units can cut aircon prices for you. But, this may not be the best option for everyone. These units are bulky and will block your window frame.

With a portable AC unit, you can place it anywhere you like, and even move it when that location becomes inconvenient. This kind of flexibility is useful when you are having company in a portion of your house that is not frequently used.

It is possible to simply move the unit further in that direction, allowing you to save money by not having to air condition your entire home all the time, while still being able to keep your guests comfortable.

If you are looking for reviews on portable aircon prices and the abilities of these machines, you should check out our reviews. We’ve taken care of the research for you, so you can decide which is the best fit for your family!

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